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ldings and Huawei Technologies have generated big-time revenues and profits. Chinese companies have played crucial roles as innovators for 5G networks, automated manufacturing, robotics, AI (artificial intelligence), smart technologies and so much

more. As China stands at the forefront of 5G networks development that results in higher internet speeds, 100 times faster and bigger memory storage. Huawei Technologies, alongside the nations Big Three telec

om operators??China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom??are setting up the infrastructure to create 5G networks for nationwide coverage, w

hich include the rural regions. 5G networks can accelerate development for AI and automation, since the faster interne

t speeds and memory storage are so necessary for those fields. For example, AI developers create whats known as an AI Brain that can store

loads of Big Data, which allow it to respond to conversations with human beings. Lets say, you ask an AI Brain today,

hows the weather? It will scour the Internet and describe the local weather in detail and give a forecast too. Chinese companies, including

Alibaba Group, have also utilized such technologies to develop a new and improved healthcare system, known as telemed

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icine. The telemedicine sector can work in an efficient manner, because certified caregivers have access to a wide-range of medical data and studies along with personal e-Health records, while patients can transmit photos of their ailments and discuss health concerns with doctors by using smartphones at any time of day or night to bring added convenience for all involved. There are verifiable proof that China is currently an innovator. The Chinese people are marching forward to create new inventions and upgrade k

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hnologies, as well as ramping up automated manufacturing in the future.Heartening news from the world's first front line again

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alien microscopic foe: Wuhan reported zero increase in both confirmed and suspected cases of the novel coronavirus disease (C

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9) on Wednesday, thanks to strict measures, mass mobilization and dedication of millions of Wuhan residents. WUHAN, March 19 -

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ur guard," said Zhang Boli, one of the leading experts advising on the epidemic fight in Hubei. Arduous work still lies ahead as China strengthens its defence against imported cases from abroad, treats thousands of patients still in serious or critical condition and rehabilitates those discharged from hospitals, said Zhang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. With the strict measures in place, a drastic rebound in new infections is unlikely, said

Chen Erzhen, who leads a Shanghai medical team assisting Hubei. Howev

er, Chen noted an alarming fact that there are still patients rece

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